RTPS10-XX-02UL Series COTS Power Supply

10W cots power supplies
  • Two 10W Models:
    • 5V @ 2A
    • 12V @ 0.83A
  • AC to DC USB Power Supply
  • MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F compliant
  • USB Type-C screw locking output connector
  • Universal input 100~240V +/- 10%
  • Compact size
  • UL Listed 60950-1

DC Output USB Type-C (IP55)

10W mill stg 810G 461F power supply
Input Characteristics  
Voltage and Frequency 90 ~ 264Vac, 47 ~ 63Hz
AC Current 0.5A Max. at any Input voltage range at Max. load condition
Maximum AC Inrush 30A peak with a duration not to exceed 100msAC
Transient Protection Meets ANSI C62.41-1991 Category A1, 2.5KV Ringwave and/or EN61000-4-5, with 1KV line to line and 2KV line to earth.
Output Characteristics Part #: RTPS 10-05-02 Part #: RTPS 10-12-02  
Output Voltage 5V 12V  
Current (A) Minimum 0A 0A  
Current (A) Maximum  2A  0.83A  
Max Rated Power(over full temp range) 10W 10W  
Combined Load/line Regulation +/-5% including set point, line and load regulation over the full operating temperature range when measured at the output connector
Turn on time Following thermal soaking over operating temperature range power supply shall meet the requirements of AC Input and DC Output within 1-2 seconds of AC power being applied.
Ripple and Noise 150mV p-p maximum as measured over full operating range(temperature and load) within the bandwidth of 10Hz to 20MHz.
Hold Up Time 10 milliseconds minimum at 75% full load, at 120 V input, @ 25°C.
Efficiency 74% or better at 75% maximum DC load measured at the DC cable output with respect to the AC cable input
Protection Specifications
Over Current Output limited less than 120% max rated output current
Short Circuit Output shall shut down and automatic restart
Over Voltage Power supply shall not exceed 115% ~130% of rated output voltage
Over Temperature Power supply shall reduce the output voltage and current at the out of spec high temperature condition and maintain the hot spot temperature below components rating
Environment Specifications
Operating Temperature Nominal -40 to +60°C
Surface Temperature Max of +49°C at +25°C ambient with rated output DC power per MIL-STD-147G section,Thermal Contact Hazards
Operating Humidity 10% to 95% relative humidity without condensation
Cooling Requirement Natural air convection cooling
Storage Temp., Humidity -40°C to +85°C, Up to 95% relative humidity without condensation
Altitude -1500 to 50,000ft operating at 25C, -1500 to 15,000ft operating and -1500 to 70,000ft storage over full temperature range
Shock and Vibration Vibration per IAW MIL-STD-810G, Method 514.6, Procedure 1, Category 4, 120 minutes per axis. Shock per IAW MIL-STD-810G, Method 516.6,Procedure 1, 20g peak, 11ms duration.
Drop Damage No damage or malfunction after exposure to drop test IAW MIL-STD-810G Method 516.6 Procedure-IV Transit Drop.
Safety And EMC  
Safety Standards Complies with the applicable UL, CSA, RCM, CE and IEC safety requirements, including GS differences. Official qualification for each, including CB scheme and listed for UL 60950-1. Note: RCM is only available for the Australian Power Supplies with AS/ NZS3112 AC Input Plugs. Maximum allowable leakage current is 3.5mA for 3 prong AC power plug (Class 1 Equipment)
EMI Conduction & Radiation Meets FCC Part 15 Subpart A and B Class B, ICES-003, CISPR32, CISPR-24, EN 55032, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3
Meets MIL-STD-461F, 102,RE102,CS101,CS114,CS115,CS116,RS103. The limits for Army Ground shall apply except where Fixed Wing External/Helicopter limit is specified per figure RE102-3 per page 104 of MIL-STD-461F shall apply.
Isolation 1500VAC minimum from AC input to DC output 1500VAC minimum from AC input to Chassis Ground
141VDC from DC output pins to USB connector shell draws no more than 141V/1MegOhm=141 uA
Burn-In 48 hours at 100% rated load prior to final testing
MTBF 500K hrs minimum at 25C, convection cooled, per part calculation method
Warranty 3 Years
Mechanical Specifications  
Physical Construction Rugged enclosure with potting offers improved schock and vibration performance and resistance to environmental factors
Dimensions 2.0 (L) X 3.0(W) X 1.2(H) INCH
AC Input Cable NEMA 15-5P for North America or AS/NZS 3112 for Australia
DC Output Cable USB Type-C single screw locking connector – meets IP55 minimum
10W power supply drawing
Part Number AC Input Plug
RTPS10-05-02A NEMA 5-15P
RTPS10-05-02B AS/NZS 3112
RTPS10-12-02A NEMA 5-15P
RTPS10-12-02B AS/NZS 3112
Output Pin Specifications  
A4, B4, A9, B9 +VDC
A1, B1, A12, B12 +VDC Return
A5 Vcom
Shell +VDC Return, chassis ground


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